Drew Robinson Makes One Last Spectacular Play Before He Closes The Book On His Playing Career

If you missed it last week, Drew Robinson announced he will be retiring from baseball. He's got one game left on Tuesday before he is slated to join the Giants in their front office as a Mental Health Advocate. But before hanging up the cleats one last time he decided to give us one last highlight play from his career. Ball hit to shallow right field and Robinson crashes in on it, attempts to make the catch by diving head first and gets his glove on it and actually catches it. But as he rolls over he kind of tosses the ball up into the air in one smooth motion. Ball pops up and he's still camped right under it. He basically caught it twice. Umpires call the batter safe originally but after a discussion and some fight from Robinson they call him out, which 100% is the right call. Ball never touched the ground, it was just bobbled. Not a bad closing highlight in the second to last game of Robinson's career. 

He announced last week that he would finish this series before moving into his new role and you can't help but feel happy for the guy that he's able to close the chapter of his playing career and will be moving on to mentoring guys on the Giants and help them with their mental health. His story has been one of the best stories in sports this year and I know it hit close to home with a lot of people after the quarantine. Not only is he still here after his suicide attempt in April 2020, he made it all the way back to the ball diamond and made the Giants AAA roster. And it wasn't a pity move by them putting him on the roster, he's a good player, that's why he made it. There's no doubt in my mind he'll be awesome at this mental health role with the Giants, looking forward to hearing and seeing much more from him in the coming years. An incredible story all around with an awesome ending to his playing career.