Wild Fight This Weekend At Syracuse With Some Dude Getting Put Through The Goddamn Glass Window Of a Bar

Audio with the clip below 

THROUGH THE GODDAMN GLASS GOD OH MIGHTY HE'S BROKEN IN HALF!! I'm no expert in the fight game, but when engaging in a bar fight I feel like the plan is to never get thrown through a glass window twice in 30 seconds. Probably want to do everything in your power to avoid a glass window toss in fact. 

Here in this one split second moment that one guy thought he had this fight under control. Kinda have the head lock in there while not being punched in the face. Both wins at that point in time. 

Both of those things would take a turn just a moment later. Was fun while it lasted right? A complete 180 in momentum then took place as the larger/stronger man realized he could overpower this fella and move him any which way he wanted. 

And then dead. 

One second you've got a headlock in, the next you've been thrown through the bar window and are getting beaten to a pulp with zero cards left to play. The knee towards the end was the real finisher. Lights out after that, good night friend. 


In an article on it was noted that this fight initially started inside the Irish Pub Mully's and seemingly ended with each guy heading out a separate door of the bar.

The fight started inside the bar about 20 minutes before, said pub owner Joe Rainone. He didn’t know why the men were fighting and said they didn’t appear to know one another. Bar employees separated the two and sent one of the men out the front door and the other out the back door.

Looks like that plan of defusing the fight worked out very well! Love a guy good college fight, but one with a guy getting thrown through the glass window doesn't come around often. That was fantastic. Love at the end of the clip them asking if the guy is ok with his face bleeding all over after being put through a window (twice). He in fact was okay turns out, just a few cuts and bruises. He did seem to be confused as to how the fight got to that point giving a "what the fuck" look to the crowd. 

Well maybe the head lock and failed attempts at knocking him out did the trick? Just a guess. Not sure that was the fight to pick sir. 

P.S. Hopefully Mully's up at Syracuse is able to get some help paying for that window. I found out they were actually a recipient of the Barstool Fund. Small world.