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I Don't Fully Understand The Rules Of Cricket, But Launching A Ball Cleanly Out Of The Stadium Should Officially Be Game Over

One of the things I've been learning about cricket over the years is that the sport is desperately trying to make games go by a little quicker. Apparently a cricket match has the ability to go on for multiple days. So in order to make it more interesting they created a version of the sport called T20, which lasts around the same 3 hours of most major professional sports. 

That's great and everything but if cricket really wants to speed things up a bit, it's time to introduce a new rule. One which won't get employed very often, but should be crucial to the game nevertheless. Because if you smack the everliving piss out of the ball and it clears the stadium entirely? That should be game over right then and there. You can throw out the scoreboard. It doesn't matter how many overs are left, if you launch the ball out of the stadium then you should win the game. The ultimate walk-off. 

P.S. - 2nd time I've blogged Liam Livingstone on this website. Guess I finally have a favorite cricket player. Feels great.