I Now Know Exactly How Wally Pipp Must've Felt When Lou Gehrig Went 3-for-5

I mean FUCK.

What else is there for me to say? There's nothing to say other than to sympathesize with my new guy, Wally Pipp. I need to acquire a Wally Pipp jersey as fuck as possible because there's a real chance we are now in the same boat after the performance Frank the Tank put on yesterday's Sundae Conversation with the incomparable Caleb Pressley & boxing sensation Jake Paul. 

I sadly could not attend this as it was filmed while I was on Barstool Vs. America and couldn't explain the way my heart dropped when I got the text that Frank the Tank was going to be my replacement. I instantly knew the Wally Pipp was a legitimate possibility due to the fact that Frank the Tank is a born show stopper. I've been dreading this day ever since. It went well at the beginning, but once the Tank was throwing line after line and getting up to nearly clock Jake Paul I knew it's gonna be an uphill battle from here. And don't even get me started on the iconic "How ya doing?" after a probably 20 minute long interview. 

I can only hope & pray that Caleb gives me a chance to redeem myself on a future Sundae Conversation. Nothing else I can do now aside from customize my own Wally Pipp jersey.