The White Sox HAVE To Lock Carlos Rodon Up Long Term, Absolutely HAVE To

This tweet just came against my desk. Lynn nails this quote - why enter free agency if you know you're already in love with your current team? Now obviously it's not always up to the player or even the team. Sometimes shit happens where you gotta get dealt to a dumpster fire team like the Yankees or have to live in a dog shit city like St. Louis. Baseball is a fickle business and it's not often there's a match made in heaven like it is with Lynn and the White Sox. 

The Lynn extension made sense in every single way for both parties. He'll now live out his playing days, more than likely, with the Chicago White Sox. I've said it a million times; it seems like he's been here his entire career, but it's only been a half a season. That doesn't mean the extension doesn't *maybe* come without some baggage, though. 

That's because the extension also prompted this question from Sox fans - does that mean they won't look to extend/resign Carlos Rodon after this season? Was it pick one between Rodon and Lynn for the White Sox?

I'll first state that I do NOT think that one thing has to do with the other. Just because Lynn was extended doesn't mean they're going to let Los walk. As it sits right now, the 2022 rotation will feature Gio, Lynn, Keuchel, Cease and you HAVE to move Kopech to the rotation. Not this year, as there's no need for it, but eventually you have to. He's too good to only be getting 1-2IP every few games. 

Because of that, it means there's an odd man out next year. 

This is how I want (keyword) it to shake out:

1. Move Kopech to rotation regardless
2. Move Cease to Kopech's current role (although I am still HIGH HIGH HIGH on Cease still and think he could become a Zack Wheeler type pitcher in due time). Just have him go and shove 100+ for 2-3 inning spurts with his wipe out breaking shit. I think he could excel in that role for the White Sox. There's less thinking involved. His shit plays, and it could play REALLY well in the pen
3. Resign Los. This is priority numero uno on the offseason docket. I have no idea what kinda contract he'd command and he's been injured for 6 years but assuming he continues his current torrid pace, he could win the Cy Young this year. There's not many (any?) past players who have done that where you could reference their contracts.

Call it something like... 4 years, $100MM for a new Los deal. I could be WAY off there, but those are nice round numbers. The 2022 rotation log jam would be a completely fine problem to have. You can NEVER have too many high quality arms. It's an impossibility. 

What the Sox are most likely hoping happens is this...

Keuchel is in the rotation next year no matter what. He's the highest paid SP on the team and isn't going anywhere. He's not what he used to be, but he's not some black hole in the rotation either. He's a perfectly adequate 5th starter who will go and gobble up innings and keep the team in the game. I just would imagine the Sox don't want that 2024 option vesting, not at all. At that point he'd be too expensive for the production he will provide. 

Back to Los though - get this dude locked up for life, too. Lynn has been incredible this year, and Giolito looked vintage on Saturday and I expect a huge 2nd half of him, but if the playoffs started tomorrow, Los is 100%, undoubtedly, the UNQUESTIONED game 1 starter. You do NOT let the guy starting game 1 of a playoff series walk if you're in the middle of your competitive window. That'd be a loser organization move. 


Throw the bag at him Jerry! The dude has turned into a freak, the exact pitcher they thought they were drafting when they took him 3rd overall out of NC St. years ago. Take a look at these videos:


And take a look at these stats:

Again, you CANNOT let that walk. It cannot happen. Whatever Los and Boras want, give it to them. He's turned into one of the very best pitchers in all of baseball and is appointment television. It's straight up baseball porn every time he toes the rubber. Need him locked up for life. 

We have future White Sox Kris Bryant and current White Sox Adam Engel joining us on Red Line Radio this week. I am so fucking pumped to talk White Sox baseball with both of them. 

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