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Vanderbilt Football's New Coach Stripped The Entire Team Of Their Numbers Claiming 'They Must Be Earned' ... Yeah, That'll Help

[Anchor of Gold] - Now, we heard about this in the spring when confused reporters showed up for spring practice and had no idea who was on the field because nobody was wearing a number. Clark Lea explained it thusly:

“We are going to earn everything in this program,” Lea shared when asked why his players didn’t have numbers on their jerseys. “Until we understand that we rent those numbers, we don’t own them, until we are ready to work within them, leave them better for the next person to wear them, that will come. I don’t want to put a timeline on it

Oh hell yeah, I love when we get a true football guy move and Clark Lea is out here trying to scare the rest of the SEC. He's trying to say that Vandy ... yes, Vanderbilt, is going to earn everything in this program. No numbers for anyone. They haven't had a winning season since 2013 and now they are talking about earning things. That's why Clark Lea got hired, football guy. 

Here's what I want to know. What happens if someone or the entire team doesn't earn it? There's no timeline, what if this goes all the way until the start of the season. Lea just going to forfeit his first game because of illegal jerseys? That would be the ultimate football guy move. You can't give in to a bunch of guys who aren't earning it. Stand your ground and show them who is boss. Plus, let's be honest, Vandy is what? Going to win 2-3 games max anyways. What's another loss? It's not like there are Vanderbilt fans out there anyways. That stadium is 70% away fans for any and every game. 

What also happens with the returning players? They have old jerseys. Their parents have jerseys. They have t-shirts with numbers on it. There goes 90% of free wardrobe for athletes. I like to image Clark Lea just wandering around campus yelling at someone wearing a t-shirt with their number inside the football. Not earned, damnit! This is Vandy football and there's standards there! That standard is winning 9 SEC games over the last 7 seasons. They demand respect! 

PS: This whole thing is just making it tougher for football coaches. They are strictly numbers guys. Watch Friday Night Lights for me, one time. They don't call players by names, it's come on 7, make that pass. Hit the hole harder 3,3.' That's all gone now. A lot of 'guy, pal, man' being said instead.