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Backflips And Goalie Rips, That's What The PLL All Star Game Is All About

One of my biggest fears in life is looking like a complete and total jackass in public. There are certain things I can just brush off, like when you trip over a slightly raised part of concrete on the sidewalk and stumble for a few steps. But nobody wants to look like an absolute clown in front of a crowd. So for Bryan Costabile to not only have the stones here to pull off a celebratory backflip after ripping a 2-bomb at the PLL All Star Game, but to also have the audacity to rip off his helmet beforehand to get that luscious head of lettuce some premium screen time? Well that right there explains why this stallion is an all star in the first place. So many ways that could have gone awry, but Bryan Costabile is a certified sick bastard. 

Now typically a bucketless backflip would be the highlight of any all star game. And for good reason. It's a pretty swaggy move, to be perfectly honest. But typically all star games don't also include BTB goalie goals in them, too. Not last night's though. 

Now we do have to talk about Zach Goodrich for a second here. Troutner hits him with a bounce pass on the clear and then immediately jumps up into the play. There's no world in which you don't dish it back to the goalie in that scenario. But instead, Goodrich tries to pull up from the parking lot like a real selfish son of a bitch. Luckily for everybody else, his shot gets deflected and it all ends with this happening. Going exactly according to plan. 

I'm honestly not sure if I've ever seen a BTB goalie goal in pro lacrosse before. Tim Troutner, history maker? Sure seems to be the case. And this also had to be one of the only games in lacrosse history to feature two (2) goalie goals depending on how much of a dork you want to be with the technicalities here. Because Adam Ghitelman got on the scoresheet, too, even if it was with a regular stick. 

Also depends on how much of a prick you want to be about technicalities on whether or not you count this TD Ierlan freestyle competition attempt as a true backflip or not. 

It sure must have been a miserable night for anybody in the "lacrosse players aren't athletes" camp. Hate to see it.