The Bonks Have Gotten Out of Control

I would like to preface this blog by saying I don’t hate the bonk. When used properly, the bonk is a fantastic tool that shames people that do not actually realize how shameless they can be. So if you bonk someone who is rightfully deserving, I have no beef.  However, that’s not what the bonk is anymore and those using it all willy-nilly are straight up killing it. 

Since we are all having a hard time understanding I will break it down for the masses. 

Tweet someone can and should be bonked for 

Clearly this entire tweet was meant to be one big bonk from me all the way down. The bonks were funny, people got creative, the memes started to fly. There were no unwarranted bonks within this thread. I approve.

Next we will bring up the perfect non-bonk example from a coworker.

While I didn't get to personally meet WhiteSoxDave and can't speak to his character, no one deserves to get bonked for innocently tweeting about their friends of the opposite sex.

Look, I don’t want to be the bonk police. I'm just as horny as the next guy. It’s just the bonkers and bonkettes have gotten extremely heavy handed, so someone needs to get them under control. The bonk should be used as a funny tool in your internet arsenal. It shouldn't be thrown around like a "haha" or an "Lol."  So, to everyone that is misusing their bonks to make others feel wrongfully horny, take a look in the mirror… maybe it’s you that’s super horned up and needs to be bonked. Get your head out of the gutter.

Again, I just want people to live horny and free.