We've All Been Pronouncing Travis Kelce's Name WRONG

This is kinda hilarious - Travis just rolls with the punches and doesn't care that every single person is mispronouncing his name. Straight from his mouth, "I get 'Kel-see' and 'Kell-s' - the correct pronunciation is 'Kell-s' but I just roll with the punches." 

TBH, I thought I'd be able to spell this phonetically, but I have absolutely no idea how it would read. The "s" is supposed to read like the s in snake - so it'd be Kell-s. It's a sharp "s" after Kell. Just trying to help my non-audio users out here. I know there's a few people out there trying to pass time during the family Sunday BBQ. I got you.

Giphy Images.

So now that we know the right pronunciation, will Joe Buck call him Kel-see or Kell-s? This question is going to be on my mind all summer until the first preseason game. Doesn't every player give the media the correct way to say their name? I need to see some footage of Kelce giving his pronunciation to some reporters/his coaches. WHO started the 'Kel-see' pronunciation? I want their identity ASAP.

I respect Kelce even more for not giving a single fuck about the pronunciation of his last name. The dude just goes out there every Sunday and balls. What a legend.