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I Promise You This Is The Most Impressive Lawn Care Performance In Human History

All time dad move here. Like legit first round, first overall pick status. First ballot hall of fame kinda stuff. You don’t see this level of dedication unless you’re a bored mature man with a thorough appreciation for crisp lawn maintenance and clean infield play. Dads are the best.

On a personal level, I deeply aspire to have an all-neighborhood lawn some day. Firing up the Toro on a Saturday at 11am out of respect to your neighbors. Then grilling dogs and doing a Cubs game on the outdoor TV. That’s the good life. Even if you don’t have the time, patience or craftsmanship to carve your own sandlot into the turf. Even just your routine basic effort on the grass does so much for your confidence and accomplishment as a man. I can’t even begin to imagine how heavy Mr. Brandt’s balls are dragging after completing that beauty.

Grass cutting and lawn care reviews are here. Good luck beating this guy. Dad strength is undefeated.