BOOOMMM!!!! All season long White Sox fans have been screaming from the rafters to extend Lance Lynn. He fits the vibe of the team an fanbase PERFECTLY. Just radiates south side. Kinda fat, grizzly dude who doesn't give a FUCK. Oh and he shoves baseballs down hitters' throats. Just been awesome top to bottom.

The deal itself? It's fantastic. The Sox would have undoubtedly offered him a qualifying offer should he have reached free agency, which will be around $18MM. This deal is the White Sox basically giving them 2 of them, with the option for a 3rd year. We ALL wanted Lance Lynn to finish his career here. Now he more than likely will. 

It's crazy that he's only been here a half a season. You'd think he would have been here his whole career with how much the fanbase loves him. This also better shut everyone up that was bitching about trading 6 years of Dane Dunning for 1 year of Lynn. I know it doesn't completely work like that, but who gives a fuck at this point. Lance Lynn is here to stay and I couldn't be happier. Carlos Rodon? You're on deck. Let's get him locked up now, too. 

Let's go beat the fucking Astros please. They're 5-0 against the Sox so far this year and are a BAD matchup for them. Need the sticks to come out hot tonight. It's going to be a zoo at Sox Park. Need a dub and need it bad. 

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