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Elizabeth Hurley is 56 and Has Put the World on Notice She Has No Intention of Aging Gracefully

Some friends and I have talked about holding an All Time Celebrity Woman Fantasy Draft. With the understanding that there's no way to earn points. This is just for the bragging rights. To go over everyone's team afterwards and have a neverending bargument about who won, who should've picked who when, who the steal of the draft was, and so on. 

I'm still not decided on what the criteria should be. Do you go with them at their absolute peak, or do you have to consider an entire body of work? Does a one hit wonder with a short shelf life count for more than someone who stayed on top for decades? All that would have to be hammered out first, so we can all set our boards. 

I mention this because, no matter how you judge it, regardless of what your criteria are, no short list of the most spectacular female celebrities, past or present, is worth jack squat if Elizabeth Hurley is not on it. Just over a month ago, she celebrated her 56th birthday. , the first entries on her IMDB page are from British television ... in 1988. And if she's had a down period in the 33 years since, I certainly missed it. I'm willing to bet on her worst day, at the tail end of a week long bout with the flu or something, she was still one of the top 10 most desirable people on the planet. Her whole life is just one long, continuous peak. She's plateaued, but her plateau is above the height of Everest. And she's putting the world on notice there is no end in sight. Here are her last several posts:

Not an A- in the bunch. Not even an A. Just one uninterrupted string of A+s. She's the actress/model Roy Hobbs, everything she wants to hit, she hits. Except she's Hobbs if he never had his career derailed and has been the MVP of the Knights for 33 years. And (I truly believe this, and will continue to, whether or not it's true) also like him, she's The Natural. With no performance enhancers. 

There goes Elizabeth Hurley. The best there ever was, in this game.