Sources: The Cubs Are Now Actually Trying To Extend Javy Baez & Anthony Rizzo Even Though That’s The Complete Opposite Of What They Just Said

Somebody’s sources. Who knows if Jon Heyman is being truthful or if this is smoke & mirrors but this would be a complete left turn from everything they’ve said and done. Jed literally just said everyone is available. They just traded Joc. We’ve already said goodbye to countless others last 8 months. Based on this, I am a pure coin flip if this is real or not. Jon Heyman is on a lot of lists around our office and I don’t think any of them are remotely positive.

That said I’d obviously love to see this happen. Are you kidding me otherwise? I can’t stomach the idea of Rizzo wearing another uniform. I can’t imagine there’s a better man to be around the team as it transitions into the next stage. He’s not asking for the moon. Just treat your cornerstone franchise championship first baseman the way he deserves.

As for Javy there’s really no other player I’d rather watch for 162. Electric doesn’t begin to describe. The hype is very real as any regular Cubs fan will profess. Personally I need him. Strategically, he’s a fantastic player. If it doesn’t bankrupt the future like Jason Heyward then by all means please make him a Cub for life.

Kris Bryant is where I really scratch my head though. If you’re trying to field the best team you probably start with the best player. That’s just me. Why he is tossed around like a bitch salad, I have no idea. But I can say that he’s by far the most impactful guy in the lineup and it’s pretty obvious he’s out of town.

I’ll take Rizzo and Baez. I’ll take the bait. Nothing wrong with being vulnerable and lord have mercy am I at risk to be hurt. This has been a rough couple weeks. Give me something to pick myself up.