SOURCES: Damien Lilliard Would Like To Be Traded To The Philadelphia 76ers Or The New York Knicks

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Sources, baby! Sources! This Quinton Mayo chap knows all, even if he probably 100% doesn't. I damn well sure trust our "Washington Wizards insider" more than "Recording Artist" Barry Bondz:

In the end, who the fuck knows? But if it really is between the Knicks and Sixers, who the hell can the Knickerbockers give up to fulfill that package? Say what you want about Ben Simmons, in which I'm sure former Blazers turned bandwagon Suns fans will if he goes to Portland, his value alone outshines anyone NY can give up. Add on potentially Maxey and Thybulle (I don't want to but if it needs to get done then get it done) and we've got ourselves a Dame Train running on everyone in South Philly. Consensually, of course. I think. 

We shall see. In Morey We Trust. Till then…CUE IT!!!