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Justin Fields: Freak Of Nature

Maybe it's the visor that makes him look like Master Chief from Halo. Maybe it's the perfect frame that makes him look like one of those "create your own players" in Madden that have 99 ratings in every single category. Maybe it's the swagger that he subtly, yet bluntly & confidently radiates. I don't know. I can't pinpoint it exactly, but I can tell you this: this is exactly what a QB should look like. 

Just ask this Bears fan who was fucking shot a month or so back. He knows we might finally have a fucking STUD on our hands much as anyone:

That's fandom to a T. You're on your deathbed trying your hardest to avoid the light and golden gates of heaven (or in my case, the fiery pits of hell) and you're not thinking about friends. Not family. Not the people you'll leave behind in tragic fashion. Nope, you're thinking about the Bears *hopefully* landing a franchise QB, arguably for the first time since Sid freaking Luckman.

I haven't thought much of football this summer due to the White Sox being fucking awesome, but this 3 second video got me pumped up to like... 10% excited for football. Anyone who knows me knows I live and breath summertime, so to say I'm 10% pumped for football means most other people have to be going nuts for it. Especially Cubs fans, who are jumping ship at a meteoric rate:

Pathetic, but also expected. Just wait until the Bears start you idiots and even then, it's a transition year in 2021. You all will prolly be rooting for the Packers come November. Watch this hype video and know what's on the horizon for you once Bryant, Baez, Kimbrel, etc. are sold: