Mintz Offs Are Getting Out of Hand

Ever since I moved to New York last November, Glenny Balls and I have struck up quite a funny friendship. We clicked immediately in the Philly gambling house and he is the #1 fan of After Dinner Mintz. We could not have more different backgrounds which makes it so much fun. He is one of the happiest and most fun souls I have met… a true man of the people. He literally has me close to tears every time he does an impression of me. 

Here’s the first one he did on April Fools Day.

When he was passing through Shreveport on the High Noon Tour, he unleashed this one as an homage to my former home town earlier this summer.

Not to be outdone, Frank the Tank has also had quite an interest in getting involved in the festivities. Frank got involved with the ADM impressions on multiple Rundowns. 

(Skip to 3:20)

(Skip to 17:25)

To be honest, I am flattered by the attention even if the fun is being poked at my expense. I love working with Glenny and Frank. However, I am not quite sure I can pull off impressions of them with my Southern accent and drawl. I had this reaction on Picks Central when I heard they did another Mintz Off yesterday on the Rundown.


I can’t wait to get Glenny down to South Louisiana one day. Something tells me that will be a wild time.