We Need More Refs Like This Who Film Great Tilts Rather Than Rush To Break Them Up

First of all, yes, I am fully aware that refs don't breakup fights and that the linesmen do. But still. You don't think if the lineys see their guy going on Instagram live to film a great tilly that they won't let it go a little longer than they typically would? 

There were a ton of heavy bombs being thrown in that scrap. Then there was a moment about 12 seconds in that both guys ended up hitting the ice. More often than not, the zebras are stepping in there and putting an end to the show. But they know buddy has some content to grind. They know he's about to upload this bare knuckle shuffle to HockeyFights.com and they don't want to ruin the shot. So they let the fight go a little longer and we get some more haymakers for their patience. Such a rarity in the world today where linesmen try to jump in before the first bomb is even thrown. 

That's just old time hockey, baby. Only thing I have to know is if this ref goes the whole game with his phone in his pocket, or if he just rushed over to the scorer's table to grab it because he knew this fight was going to be legendary. Either way, he got the best seat in the house and now we need to see that opposite angle footage. Fuckin' rights.