The PlayStation Portable (PSP) IS BACK And Better Than Ever

Alright maybe it's not exactly the PSP, but it's as close as we're going to get. When this thing drops it's going to be a serious problem for my nonexistent gamer social life. When I was growing up, I brought my PSP EVERYWHERE I went. Prior to that, you know I was always strapped with my Gameboy Advance (with the worm light attachment) or my Gameboy SP.

Some people would even say that the Gameboy was a gateway...

Portable gaming is bigger than ever, as well as a lost art at the same time. Lemme explain - mobile gaming is larger than you could imagine. 

But these are simple games like Candy Crush, Doodle Jump, Angry Birds - you get the point. On the Gameboy and PSP, you were playing games with real storylines like Jak and Daxter, Pokémon or Final Fantasy. Portable (or mobile) gaming has continued to grow while changing shapes and forms continuously. 

You know that one Aunt that's addicted to Candy Crush and won't stop sending you Facebook requests? They wouldn't consider themselves a gamer contrary to their addiction…

The Steam Deck has massive potential and I can't wait for the release. I'm sure I'll blog/tweet my first impressions when I get the PSP 2.0, but if you I go dark for 2+ weeks, then you can tell I'm enjoying myself…. 

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