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EVERY GUN In Warzone Got Changed In Today's Update

This video says it all - but to summarize it simply, everything got changed. It feels like the entire meta has fully shaken up and these next few days are really going to determine which guns are the front runners for the next Warzone meta.

I streamed gameplay early this morning/afternoon to give my opinion on some of the changes to my previous loadouts. You can watch my future streams at and - we're getting a MONSTER PC built for HQ today!! More streams to come from inside HQ soon.

From my gameplay earlier, here are my top thoughts:

- Ability to change/adjust loadouts in pregame lobby is a W

- C58 and Fara feel basically the same

- LC-10, Milano and Groza feel unusable

- Addition of Sentry Gun is an L

- Swiss K31 Updated Reticle is a W