Chris Paul Picked The Worst Time To Turn Into Peak Dennis Schröder

 Last night’s Game Four was one of those weird-ass games only Fiserv Forum can produce. Where else can an opposing team shoot over 50% from mid-range and in (one of the only times all year that happened) but still only shoot 30.4% from three? The Bucks barely shot 40% and still somehow, someway Milwaukee managed to win a game they were trailing for 38 of the first 44 minutes.

Go figure. 

Suns fans don’t have to look hard to discover why they lost: three of their five starters had their worst (or nearly worst) games of the playoffs. Ayton (6 points), Bridges (7 points) and the Point God himself, Chris Paul (10 points). Pretty tough to win when you only get 23 points (on 11-26 shooting) out of players averaging a combined 45 in the playoffs. What a way to waste an absolutely incredible game from Devin Booker. 42 points and at least eight fouls. 

But Chris, despite being filthy for most of the playoffs, is absolutely the reason the Suns lost. He was sloppy with the rock, didn’t look to score, and was statistically the worst Suns player on the floor for game 4. They could have had Cam Payne play all of CP’s minutes and probably won. That’s how off he was. His 15 turnovers over the last 3 games are the most he’s had in the playoffs in nearly a decade. Gross. It was gross.   

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Give some love to Jrue for taking CP out of his rhythm which is certainly a big reason why he looked so god awful last night, but when Jrue switched onto Book in the third quarter, he still continued to look bad against even Pat FUCKING Connaughton. 


And we know Pat Connaughton has no business being out on the floor as much as he has in big-time minutes. 

Not much else to really say other than CP picked a fine time to turn into Dennis Schröder, maybe the worst time in fact. I’m betting his night was spent with the iPad and zen music with no sharp objects nearby and a full bottle of “Chris’ secret stuff” with some extra juice to get him through the night and right for game 5. 

Things will be OK but if Chris was even half as much as he is when in Point God mode, Suns win this game EASILY and it’s night night for the Bucks. 

And I wouldn’t be getting chirps from our esteemed blog mafia editors about my cringe-level rant against Bucks fans. It’s still Suns in 4 because it’s a lifestyle. I root for my takes, I root against Budenholzer and I root for my wallet. Got Suns +250 back in the Western Conference Semis against the Clippers and I plan on cashing in. 


2 more wins to go and I promise when that happens, I’ll be there to rub it in. 

Until CP3 and the Suns put the Bucks to bed, it’s going to be ugly on the internet streets: