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Kaia Gerber Is Making Out With Girls In The New American Horror Story

The first two episodes of the new American Horror "Stories" series was released on Hulu last night, and I spit out my High Noon when I saw Kaia Gerber was one of the stars. You know who she is, right? Supermodel spawn of Cindy Crawford?

She's obviously gorgeous. I had NO IDEA she could act, but honestly, she crushes this role. Normally I hate when people try to force models into real acting roles and pretend like they can do it, but Kaia seems to actually be talented. People on the internet disagree, but I think she's doing great. Separately, people are buggin' over the fact she plays a lesbian (I had to google the term Sapphic, here you go:)

You learn something new every day! I know from watching years and years of TV that there are hardly any main characters or storylines that include lesbians/lesbian relationships. Ryan Murphy (the creator/director) is known to include a ton of LGBTQ+ characters and actors in his work, and he makes it a point to be inclusive. People seem to be thrilled! And so am I. So far, this is giving me 100% season 1 Murder House, the best season AHS ever did.