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British Chick Who 'Poo Bombed' Her Neighbor For 25 Years Gets The Harshest Penalty Yet ... She's No Longer Allowed To Urinate Or Shit In 'Open Spaces'

[Sun] - A WOMAN who "poo bombed" her neighbour's property as part of a 25 year harassment campaign has been banned from "urinating or defecating" in any open space.

Cops successfully applied for a criminal behaviour order against 50-year-old Amanda Lee.

Now, police have obtained an order which bans her from engaging in certain behaviour, including urinating and defecating outside.

Cheshire Police also accused her of repeatedly causing trouble and making nuisance 999 calls.

If she breaches the conditions, the lout could face up to five years in prison.

I've got a couple of questions here, most notably umm, how the hell is she just getting banned from urinating or defecating in any open space? Isn't that just a standard law? I'm pretty sure you can't just be shitting anywhere you want in any country. You have to use a bathroom or get a ticket. I know that's a law for pissing - saw a buddy  get hit with a ticket for pissing outside after leaving the bar on his 21st birthday. Brutal beat for that guy who just couldn't hold it and thought he was safe in the back of a private parking lot. Nope. But I almost want to give credit to Amanda Lee here. Why? She's 50 years old (smokeshow, am I right?) and she has spent HALF her life 'poo bombing' her neighbor's property. That's more dedication than anything I've ever heard. Think about it - is there anything you've done consistently for half your life like this? The answer is no, unless you're older and the only answer then is working. But even I'm 34 and have just been working full time for 13 years. That's not even sniffing half my life like Amanda Lee and poo bombing. Also with poo bombing, all I can think about is this. 

That's the exact image of poo bombing I have in my head. Now she's got a real dilemma on her hands though. Does she keep her tradition of wreaking havoc on her neighbor like she has or 25 years or does she go to jail for up to 5 years? Gotta assume she's really thinking this one over, probably while taking a shit. 

Second main question here. How did it take this long? If it's truly a 25-year thing, how in the year of our Lord 2021 is she just getting hit with these penalties? Did the neighbor just give up and think she'd stop? Did the police finally take it serious? That might be the most pressing and question I can't even fathom to answer out of this whole scenario. Usually this is where we end the blog with justice being served, but I honestly don't think has been.