Giannis Keeps Checking Himself Out Of Games Early Because He Has To Take A Piss And Can't Hold It On The Court

I don't know why but Giannis saying 'tinkle' is cracking me up. Probably the fact he's a grown man or the fact he's seven feet tall, or even more so the fact that he's a grown man with a blowjob bell, saying tinkle is laugh out loud funny. Also just genuine as hell from Giannis and part of why he's such an easy guy to root for. Trying to be polite and use the term tinkle and somehow made the quote funnier. Well done, Giannis. 

Now all that said I have two major thoughts here. First, Giannis needs to clean up his pregame routine. Anyone who played sports knows what I'm talking about. We're all creatures of habit and need to follow the same routine in order to be comfortable. I personally waited until the last possible second to take a piss before running on the court for warmups and if it was a home game I'd run back to the locker room during the shoot around portion of it. Couldn't take any risks. I'm starting to think Giannis is peeing too early. 

Second, this is by far the most annoying thing in the world. As someone who is a frequent urinator, I feel for Giannis here. Some would say when you have to pee in a car is the worst and that's a valid argument, but when you're on the court and have nowhere to go? The worst. At least in a car you can pee in a bottle or just pull over and piss on the side of the road. Giannis has to physically check himself out of a game and then answer questions about it. 

Can't wait for game 5 when he checks himself out and Van Gundy starts to ask Mark Jackson about peeing habits. They were baffled last night about him coming out early thinking he was winded. Nope, just had to tinkle.