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Don Sweeney You Beautiful Son Of A Bitch! B's Sign Brandon Carlo To A Team Friendly 6 Year Deal

Don Sweeney you beautiful son of a bitch!! What an outstanding deal, locking up Brandon Carlo for 6 years at 4.1 million per. 4.1!!!! I think he could have easily got 6x6 but for whatever reason Sweeney is really good at locking up his own guys with team friendly deals. Yes, you can talk about Carlo's injury woes (only played in 27 games last year), but management must feel pretty good about his health going forward to give him this term. 

Carlo himself confirmed he's not worried about his future regarding his health and injuries.

Still some work to be done on the blue line. Maybe a cheap Ryan Suter deal if Sweeney can't find a trade partner for a top LHD? Wouldn't hate that at all. But this deal is a step in the right direction, home run by Sweeney.

Also wanted to give a shout out to Kevan Miller on his 7 years here in Boston. Truly gave everything he had. Injuries suck but he left everything out on the ice. All the best to him in his retirement. 

Like I said, Sweeney still has his work cut out for him. The biggest question mark is David Krejci and if he'll return.. then you have expansion draft coming up shortly here… (I imagine they'll lose Ritchie or Lauzon) gotta re-sign Taylor Hall, Mike Reilly and Tuukka Rask. Oh and another goalie since Rask will likely be out until February. So it's nice to get this deal signed, sealed and delivered I'm sure for both the Bruins and for Carlo to have some nice assurance.

Bruins news in July. I love it.