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The MRags Power Rankings Of Sports Video Games

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This power rankings all stemmed from my blog yesterday about MLB The Show. This list only features current games (RIP NCAA Football 14 - aka the GOAT).

1) Chel

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Regardless of it being the #1 Sports video game, it has THE BEST nickname of possibly any video game out there. NHL is the best game to play online or with friends on one console. The gameplay couldn't be more action packed and every move counts. You over rotate one time or try to go for a big hit, and then BOOM - cross crease pass leads right to a slapshot that finds it's way into the back of the net.


You can attempt to debate this if you want, but I don't see any real counter point here. Yes, FIFA bullshit goals are at the root of all my current anger, but the game is addicting and fun. FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is one of the most captivating sports game modes ever created, but it unfortunately get tarnished by billionaires like Jeff Bezos, who buy (1) Million packs in the first week of the game, just to get the best team possible. Thanks, Jeff.

FIFA gets #2 for several reasons:

- Anybody can pick it up and play

- Games are fast-paced and action packed

- Grinding FIFA Ultimate Team is simultaneously the most fun and frustrating thing. EA always does a great job keeping the game fresh with in-form cards and other variant special cards (Team of the Season). Lastly, there's nothing like building an entire team from scratch
- Pro Clubs is a sneaky fun game mode to play with friends where each person has a created player that they control throughout the game. The more teammates, the merrier.

3) 2k

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Everybody has fun playing 2K. Solid online game, even better with your friends in person. Some of the animations absolutely suck and/or make no sense, but that's sports video games for ya. I'm immediately thinking about your player catching a pass to trip out of bounds OR when you're driving the lane and Russell Westbrook decides to pull up from 3 feet out instead of yamming it home. Again, makes no sense.

MyPark is a great time and 2k has done a great job incorporating your created player into online game modes. Let's not forget, the story mode is very enjoyable as well. I just miss the ridiculous answers during press conferences on previous 2ks.

4) Rocket League

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This is where I may get some heads shaking, but hear me out - Rocket League is a better game than FIFA, however the skill gap can make the game very frustrating for the casual player. Whereas anyone can score a goal on FIFA, it takes some skill to be able to control your car well enough to score.

As an esport or for the hardcore gamer, this is #1 undeniably. As a power ranking for sports video games for the common gamer, I hate to say it, but it falls to number 4.

Anybody could have fun playing Rocket League and less bullshit things will happen in this game, unlike FIFA and soon to be named games…

5) MLB The Show

The Show has become much more popular because of the release to Xbox this year. In previous years, MLB The Show was only available on Playstation. Diamond Dynasty (The Show's version of Ultimate Team) has been gaining traction and I've been seeing it much more often on Twitter, Tiktok, etc. The Show will always be a fun game to play with the boys, but for the love of God - DO NOT BUNT YOUR WAY TO VICTORY. Just a disgusting way to play the game, I'd rather deal with analytical nerds.

Biggest downsides - animations are pretty garbage, there's always glitches within the games and base-running can be frustrating and annoying.

6) Mario Golf

Fun, fast paced game that's brand new on the Nintendo Switch. Great party game, but the biggest downside is you gotta be active. Might not be the everyday go-to, but it's a blast to bring out every now and then. You don't have to play with motion control, but if you want the full Mario Golf experience, then I wouldn't recommend playing with the controller buttons to swing.

Is this lazy thinking? Absolutely! But am I saying what everyone else is thinking….

7) Madden

Game hasn't changed in 15 years - they announced some new changes coming to franchise mode for Madden 22, but you can only play so much Madden until you hit your breaking point (for me, it's 2 games).

Am I crazy here? A Madden hasn't drawn my interest since Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald were on the cover.

I'll give Stoolies my word that I will try and play Madden 22 when it drops on PS5 and Xbox Series X. I'll even give an unbiased review on the state of the game. Regardless, Madden is a bottom tier sports video game.


Admittedly, I was looking to place two more games that I haven't played in ages. The first - Forza Horizon 4. Forza Horizon 4 appeared to be a great video game with awesome online integration that I've only heard great things about. Racing games certainly have a place in this power rankings, but not having that first-hand experience, I couldn't justify giving it a ranking (even thought above Madden would've been fine).

Second, PGA Tour 2k21 - I haven't played a Golf video game in a minute, regardless they are a ton of fun to play. Same message goes here as mentioned above, just haven't had a chance to dive into this one yet. Maybe I can ask the Foreplay guys their thoughts…