If you stay on 16 when the dealer shows a 7 I hate you more than I hate terrorism


When I saw the above tweet on the Barstool iCasino twitter page, I was downright angry. I was like "what a stupid fucking tweet". Because obviously you hit with a 16 when the dealer is showing a 7. It's just, what you do. It's common sense. It's why you play blackjack. If you stand on 16 when the dealer is showing a 7, you're playing to lose. You might as well stay on everything then. Dealer showing a Jack and you have 11? Stay, the dealer might have a 2 underneath and eventually bust! That's the same thinking as anyone who would stand on a 16 in this situation. 

But apparently it's not as cut and dry as I thought. Even people in my own office that I built with my own sweat and blood stand on 16s!



Adam Ferrone, how could you!!! You think you know a guy and then you find out he stands on 16 vs a dealer 7 and you have to re-think you're entire relationship. I mean I ghost-wrote all his KOTD battles and never knew he was a stay on 16 guy. It's crazy.

Blackjack is easily my favorite casino game. I love playing it to wind down at the end of a night after a poker tournament. Bag up my chips and then cool off at the blackjack table with a spicy bloody mary, there's nothing better than that. But if I see Rone at my table, I'm finding my way to roulette. 

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