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What Do You Do When You Get Dumped On TV? You Never Button Your Shirt Up All The Way Again

This week's episode of The Bachelorette had a lot of interesting moments - most memorable probably, the fact that Katie asked the men to abstain from jerking off, "as a game." All fun and games, seeing how long you can go without cumming. Love it! Silly! 

But the saddest moment of the night, was when Katie said goodbye to our sweet sweet Connor. Told him he was a great guy, but there just wasn't any chemistry. (He was a bad kisser. It's true. I saw it on TV, it was too hard and peckish. He'll work on it.) Katie cried on his shoulder a bit, and then he went back to the house to say his goodbyes to the bros. 

Heartbreaking. It sucks when your girlfriend breaks up with your house bestie, but life goes on. What's a guy to do when he's feeling low, freshly dumped, and still looking for love? He goes to paradise, of course!

To the beach! Buttons optional! Nothing says "i'm ready to get back in the game" like 3 unbuttoned buttons on a Hawaiian shirt. This man isn't going to let this girl hold him down. He's bringing his ukulele, his best personal songs and a sweet smile to charm the pants off of every girl that walks up to Wells' Bar.