Build An Offense With A $15 Budget: This Team Would Never Lose A Game

QB - $5 - Tom Brady

If you‘re gonna splurge on one position it’s gotta be the most important position in all of sports right? Has to be. If I’m starting a team with any player in any sport I think it absolutely has to be Tom Brady. The resume speaks for itself. The man has won 7 Super Bowls and counting, is turning 44 in a couple weeks and is still playing like one of the best QBs in the league. There’s no one else you’d rather have at the helm in a big game/big time moment than Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. 

RB - $1 - LaDanian Tomlinson

If you‘re gonna save money on any position it surely is gonna be RB. I feel like a real life GM right now. LaDanian Tomlinson for $1? Sign me up for that every single time. In his prime he was absolutely unstoppable. A legit dual threat RB as a runner and pass catcher out of the backfield, peaking at breaking the all-time record for most touchdowns scored in a season in 2006 which still stands to this day. Obviously some great options at RB but with all things considered he’s as good as any of them and if you’re giving me him for $1 I’m taking him every single time. 

WR1 - $4 - Randy Moss

There’s so much value on the board that I was able to be pretty strategic on where to spend my big money at. If i can spend $4 on grabbing the best WR ever I’m doing it. Jerry Rice may have all the records due to longevity which deserves the upmost respect in its own right but Randy Moss at WR is the pound for pound GOAT. What do you say when someone makes a tough, contested catch over a DB? You say he got Moss’d. The man‘s name literally became a verb he was so good. His peak was higher than anyone else’s peak at the position. Give me Randy Moss to lead my receiving core.

WR2 - $1 - Deandre Hopkins

Deandre Hopkins like Tomlinson is another insane value play. We just heard Jalen Ramsey on Million Dollaz Worth of Game call Hopkins the best receiver in the league right now. No matter who he has at QB he‘s produced and let me remind you he has had some absolute dog shit quarterbacks throwing him the ball for a high majority of his career. Now that he has Kyler Murray he’s in a good spot but he’s as complete a WR as it gets. Insane hands, great route runner and athleticism. He’s a QBs wet dream and the best WR2 in the history of the NFL on this team.

TE - $4 - Rob Gronkowski

Getting such insane (borderline idiotic) value on Tomlinson and Hopkins allowed me to make this pic and pair Gronk back up with Brady. Just a couple pals who love to win championships. Gronk makes so much sense with this pick. He’s an incredible blocker and arguable the most prolific touchdown scorer at the TE position in NFL history. He’s a total package when it comes to TEs. 

When it comes to my team it’s pretty simple. If you’d choose any collection of players from this graphic I think you’re a big dumb idiot. Tell me how this team loses. It doesn’t. It wins every game for eternity as long as everyone stays healthy. 

Drop a comment with the team you would put together.