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13x World Champion Lady Arm Wrestler Dummies A Bunch Of Beefcakes On The Beach

Let this be a lesson to all you boys and girls out there. The world is filled with beefcakes like this. Dudes who don't play sports, but still go to the gym for 5 hours a day to work on nothing but glamour muscles. Do they have a beach body? Can go they tarps off at any moment and not even have a single shred of self-consciousness flood through their brain? Absolutely. But it doesn't make them an athlete. Just because you can toss a couple of 45lb plates on the bar and curl in the squat rack doesn't mean shit if you're still going to end up being made out to look like a baby back bitch by this Irina Gladkaya lady on the beach. All you look like in the end is just a little buff boy. 

Sidenote: Anybody ever witness someone breaking their arm while arm wrestling before? Traumatizing shit. I was just waiting for one of those gross ass snaps to happen the whole time watching this video. Luckily this chick beat the balls off of these dudes quick enough that they never really had to worry about putting too much stress on the old bones. Honestly pretty lucky for all of them that they just have steroid muscles for show. Ask them if they're on the juice.