Popeyes Doesn't Give A Damn About A Nationwide Chicken Shortage, Been Stockpiling Chicken For Months To Finally (!!!) Sell Nuggets

[Post] - Fast-food giant Popeyes has been stashing chicken for months amid a nationwide shortage and price hikes — to ensure it has a healthy reserve of poultry ahead of the debut of its new nuggets later this month.

The Miami-based chain, which is owned by Restaurant Brands International, has been building its reserve of frozen chicken for over six months ahead of the rollout of its new nuggets on July 27, Popeyes Americas President Sami Siddiqui said in an interview with Fortune.

The strategy is a major split with the norms of the industry, which prefers to keep inventory lean in normal times. It also shows how companies are trying to protect their supply of chicken during the Great Poultry Crisis of 2021 that’s seen prices soaring and restaurants pull items off their menus.

Oh hell yeah. Until we finally get a Bojangles in Cincinnati, I will argue that Popeyes has the best chicken in the game. It's what's hot in the streets with Burger King and McDonald's recently getting into the spicy chicken game. Let me tell ya, I don't hate it. Spicy chicken sandwiches are awesome. But you know what's even better? Adding nuggets to the menu. It's a no-brainer and helps sell grabbing something fast on the road if you have a significant other or a kid. 

What I love most about this though is Popeyes being a step ahead. Oh there's a chicken shortage? Not for us. We've been stockpiling that shit for months so we can start selling nuggets right in your face. Oh everyone has to pay more for wings or change their name to Thighstop? Popeyes is sitting there laughing at you. I'd love to be in the meeting with the execs as this was announced. 

Remember how fast Popeyes sold out of the spicy chicken sandwich when it first launched? It was the most talked about thing for like a week, honestly amazing for food. I expect the same will happen here with nuggets. You make a good nugget, you're going to have fans. I've never seen a food item take over pop culture like the Popeyes chicken sandwich did. I'm starting to think Popeyes is the smartest business in the fast food industry. Nobody has done a better job marketing and now they are stockpiling chicken. Genius.