If You Play MLB The Show Like This, Then You're A Coward And I Hate You

Before I show you this disgusting MLB The Show clip, I snubbed the LC-10 off my top 3 SMG list in Warzone. For the average player, it's much better to use than the Cold War MP5 + I certainly consider it top 3 in this meta. The gun has ZERO recoil, great mobility and solid range. Checkout my loadout above plus this 20 kill gameplay!


Prison. Send this guy right to prison. This is a federal crime to every single person that has ever booted up MLB The Show.

This clip right here, is why I stopped playing MLB The Show. There are so many baserunning quirks and odd timing mechanisms in the game that make it very sloppy for online play. If you're playing Road to the Show or vibing with a couple buddies, MLB The Show is still a decent game. In today's environment of online multiplayer, this game just doesn't hold up.

If I was playing against Bunts McGee, my controller would be thrown thru the wall and probably my fist would go through my monitor.

I guess I should give this guy credit for exploiting the bunting mechanism at a professional level, but the gamer in me just wants him send to prison or Alcatraz.