Jake Paul And Tyron Woodley Just Made A Bet That The Loser Of Their Fight Has To Get “I Love (Insert Winners Name)” Tattooed On Them

Everyone’s favorite youtuber/boxer/internet celebrity is back in the mix! Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley just had their first big press conference to promote their upcoming boxing match on August 29th in Cleveland and things got very interesting. After about 20 or so minutes of shit talking that consisted of Tyron WooDaley saying Jake Paul isn’t a real fighter and Jake Paul saying Tyron WooDaley is a washed up old wanna be rapper that’s using him just to make a last big payday, it finally led to the press conference ending with the two of them placing their own personal wager on the fight. 

They may have shook on it, but do I think either of them are actually going to be getting this tattoo if they lose?

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But it‘s still great theatre and such a funny, random bet to decide upon on the spot at a press conference. There‘s a strong part of me that believes through all the bullshit and the antics that Jake Paul is morphing himself into a real boxer, but it’s hard to argue that everything he becomes apart of doesn’t turn into an absolute circus. With that being said though, none of the circus act matters once the two of them have to step into the ring and slug it out. 

Personally, I think Jake Paul wins this fight. It’s not a street fight and it’s not a MMA bout. It’s a boxing match and i think Jake Paul is highly motivated (much more than Tyron Woodley) and is a better pure striker than the former UFC champ. Woodley has punching power but he‘s not a pure boxer, he‘s a wrestler that uses his punching power and overhand rights to set up take downs. There’s not takedowns in this fight and although there‘s obviously crossover in boxing and MMA they are two entirely different animals. Will I eat my words? I doubt it but we’ll see soon enough. The one thing I’m most curious to see is how Jake Paul responds to getting hit because it hasn’t really happened yet. If you wanna see him possibly get hit than tune in August 29th. If you look closely it seems like they have some incredible sponsors. (Insert eyeball emojis)