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Ryan Reynolds Introduced Deadpool To The MCU And Promoted His New Film In The Most Awesome Way Possible

Ryan Reynolds is probably my favorite celebrity in Hollywood. There’s nothing more admirable than a big star who’s capable of making fun of themselves and Ryan Reynolds has plenty material to work off of. Now when I say that, I’m talking about his movies, because 99.99% of humans would kill to be Ryan Reynolds. He’s an incredibly successful movie star with a beautiful wife and a brand of gin that he sold last year for 610 million dollars. But he’s had his fair share of blunders in his career, and he paid his dues in Hollywood for well over a decade before he was finally allowed to make Deadpool. It seems like he continues to have the time of his life playing that character. 

A Deadpool and Korg crossover needs to be a collaboration that we see in Deadpool 3. And if Free Guy, a movie that I’m really excited for by the way, is a success, then Taika Waititi and Ryan Reynolds should be forced to collab for a second time (technically it’d be the third time, but we don’t count Green Lantern.) It seems like a perfect time to bring Deadpool into the MCU. I just hope they stay true to the character that we’ve seen in the first 2 movies. I want to see an R rated, swear heavy Deadpool ragging on previous events in the MCU. I think that would be perfect. Martin Thomas, who is a critic for probably the most underrated movie review channel on YouTube called Double Toasted, described Ryan Reynolds as “The Chevy Chase of his generation.” At first, I thought that was crazy, but in hindsight he’s probably right. Chevy Chase had Clark Griswold, Ryan Reynolds has Deadpool. Chevy Chase had Fletch, Ryan Reynolds had Van Wilder. Chevy Chase had a shitty talk show, Ryan Reynolds was in R.I.P.D. The guy spent almost a decade trying to get a Deadpool movie made and 3 movies in, he’s now part of the MCU. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here. In Kevin Feige we trust.