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Norway Will Now Throw Instagram Models In Jail If They're Found Secretly Editing Their Appearance For Ads

NY Post

Instagram influencers who don’t clearly state if they’ve edited photos which are advertisements could be fined or imprisoned in Norway due to a new law. The law also applies to ad posts on other social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Snapchat. In Norway, advertisers and influencers paid by advertisers will have to clearly label Instagram posts if they’ve been retouched.

This is according to regulations passed as an amendment to Norway’s Marketing Act.

Want to put an end to something? Well, do something about it. Norway has had enough of people contorting their bodies on social media for their own personal gain. Out of all the crimes and injustices committed on a daily basis you have to tip your cap to Norway getting on top of this one once and for all. For now on if you are found editing an image on Facebook, Insta, TikTok, Twitter and Snapchat for advertisements/financial gain and you don't label it 'retouched' you could be imprisoned. JAIL!!! Picture a prison with people accused of theft, ponzi schemes, etc., and then you have a model who cropped her arm to be an inch thinner than normal. Welcome to the new era. Wouldn't expect a Norway edition for Keeping Up With the Kardashians anytime soon.

Yeah the insta models are going to be up in arms about this one if it ever catches fire. Not accusing anyone of anything but could you imagine this rule heading over to the states? We're talking total anarchy in the streets. The end to society as we know it. 

Same goes for this 50 year old man who was pretending to be a young female Japanese biker via the FaceApp. All jokes aside I couldn't care less if a model alters her appearance slightly for her liking on IG, but what this guy was doing should actually be prison for life. 

Anyways, this law is only for Norway for now so everyone is safe in the US. Someone who would never have to worry about this is Emily Elizabeth. Not a single to crop on her if she wanted to. God bless.