The Pistons Draft Strategy Of Preferring To Take Guys Who Make Their Bed Each Day Is Exactly Why The Team Is Awful

Well, that's all I need to know about the Pistons. Yeah, I know the NFL/NBA draft questions are always bizarre and full of bullshit, but I'm drawing a line in the sand here. Making your bed means nothing. NOTHING. It's completely unnecessary to make your bed when you're just getting back into it a few hours later. Do whatever the hell you want. That's how I would draft if I were the Pistons here. I hope Cade Cunningham says he doesn't make his bed, really put this Pistons in a pickle. I hope the only person who says they make their bed is someone like Jonathan Kuminga. See what the Pistons do then when the 5th option is the only one who 'sets the tone for the day.' This whole thing is bullshit anyways. I don't make my bed and I'm incredibly organized, probably too organized. I'm a handwritten calendar guy with everything planned out on there for the month. I put my keys and wallet in the same exact spot every day. I can tell you where everything is in my house and what I need, that's pretty organized if you ask me. 

There's nothing more overrated and frustrated than making your bed anyways. That fitted sheet? Pain in the ass to put on the first time, every single time. Then you have to worry about properly lining up the sheet to have even distribution. No, fuck that. You get into bed and curl up with the blanket you want, where you want it. People who make such a big deal about making a bed in the morning are not people you want to be around. They aren't sleeping there, it's not their bed. If they are a significant other, they can make the bed for you. It's your bed after all. You know how you set the tone for the day? A good cup of coffee or a good breakfast, whichever you prefer. Making a bed is a waste of time. 

I really hope this all ends up with news coming out that Darko Milic was a bed making guy. I know Dwane Casey wasn't there or anything like that, but it'd be worth it just for the jokes.