The Pirates Got the Steal of the MLB Draft in OWEN SHARTS


Over 20 rounds, you're bound to get some cool stories and wacky names in the MLB Draft. But absolutely nothing this year is going to top our new king, Owen Sharts. With a career 5.55 ERA at the University of Nevada and two years of eligibility remaining, you know his stuff must be *explosive* to still get drafted this year.

I'm very happy for this guy that he's been good at baseball his whole life. Middle and high school as a Shart sounds rough enough already, but at least he could go out and dominate. Even being good at sports, I imagine there were some creative heckles at high school and college games.

I'm sure changing your name is a pretty big pain in the ass — and a last name carries familial implications that a first name doesn't — but if there was ever someone with an excuse to do it, it's Owen Sharts. However, I find it remarkably admirable that he chose to carry on his family lineage and realize his dream of playing professional baseball with "Sharts" on the back of his jersey.

I think I speak for everyone when I say we're rooting for Sharts to make it to the big leagues, if only for the memes alone.