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The Orioles Were Sick Of Darren Rovell During The Home Run Derby, Stuffed Him In A Locker Like The Nerd He Is

Adding this to the reason I'm an Orioles fan along with Brady Anderson, growing up with them as the closest team to my city and having the best jerseys in baseball. The Orioles social media team was like the rest of us last night. They were sick of Darren Rovell being the fucking worst during every big sporting event. Sometimes it helps just to shut the fuck up, Darren. 

For those of you that don't know the Trey Mancini story, get ready to meet the easiest guy to cheer for. Eighth round pick from Notre Dame, made his way up to the major leagues in 2016. Then in March 2020, he went for a medical procedure where they diagnosed him with stage 3 colon cancer. The guy was just 27 years old and now battling stage 3 cancer. He misses all of last year and in November 2020 announced he was cancer free. Fuck cancer. 16 homers, 55 RBI this year and put on a show last night. 

Now if Rovell wants to be a fucking nerd like he always is and can't just watch sports to watch sports, I demand he complain about the Mets finding a loop hole. Look at this fucking Jauss guy pitching. 

And yeah Joey Gallo's homer should have counted but no one knows the rules. Just go back to the outs for the home run derby and let me watch dudes mash without having to worry about time. It's a Monday night in July, there ain't shit else going on. Give me time to enjoy when Griffey drilled the warehouse in 93. Still unbelievable. 

Love the Os standing up for their guy. Counting it as a regular season win, because we need them. I'm sure Rovell will talk about it today and everything, my point is stop being a fucking nerd and just enjoy the story.