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When Kevin Durant Goes To Sleep At Night, He Checks Under His Bed For Matisse Thybulle

Oh no. Oh no no no no. Poor Kevin Durant. What a truly abysmal turn of events for this man. 

After choosing to sign with the Brooklyn Nets, not only does KD have to worry about going up against Matisse Thybulle and the Sixers every season for the rest of his career. But now he's got to worry about Matisse Thybulle being the biggest menace in his life on the international stage as well. 

You figure if Durant just stayed in Golden State, maybe Matisse Thybulle doesn't spend every spare moment of free time in his life breaking down film on Durant and how to guard him. You figure maybe Matisse Thybulle is still a little starstruck by KD as he gets the chance to guard him in international play. But now? Now that it's Matisse Thybulle's life mission to shut the Durantula down every single time they lace up and play on the same floor together? Well now Durant is fucked. 

And by the way, I know a lot of Sixers fans out there are upset that Ben Simmons chose to not play in the Olympics this year when he clearly needs to focus on his game. But you know what? This is honestly best case scenario. Give Matisse some time to have a team all to himself and grow into the Defensive Player of the Year that he is fully capable of becoming. Just look at him go. 

Sure seems like a guy you can build around to me. But I hope Ben had a great time at Wimbledon.