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Bob Nightengale Continues His Infamous Track Record Of Being Wrong About Literally Everything

It doesn't matter what skills you possess or how much effort you put in on a daily basis, you are without question better at your job than Bob Nightengale. He's the worst to ever do it. Events will occur in real time and he simply cannot figure out how to accurately report them. Every single time he's wrong. Just always unbelievably wrong. Ohtani did not advance. No one watching the Home Run Derby thought Shohei advanced over Soto at any point in time. 

I've documented his fuck ups in the past like saying the A's were optimistic Kyler Murray was going to report to Spring Training just a few mins AFTER Murray had announced himself on Twitter that he was choosing the NFL over baseball. He said Bryce Harper was getting $400 million and that the Phillies were no longer the favorites on the day that Harper chose the Phillies for $330. He said Vladdy Jr was getting called up when he simply was not. There's more...plenty more. 

It never ends. It's one thing to be wrong about predicting things, but to be wrong about things that already took place is next level incompetency. Shohei Ohtani laughably did not advance in today's Home Run Derby. Never happened, but Bob was on the case to report the news. HE IS AT THE DERBY! Was it right? Absolutely not, but he was on it. Credit to him. The gift that keeps on giving. How on Earth could USA Today still be employing this man. Dude could say it was going to be the best day in the world and it would likely be the day of the apocalypse. He may very well in fact be the devil himself. 

P.S. Shout out that one time he was murdered on Live TV