Billy Football 2021- 2022 QB Tier List

Its that time of year again, 

Every Analyst in the nation is making their QB tiers after the end of Basketball heading into the summer. 

I decided to throw my hat in the ring to provide my tiers. Now I do not understand the tier system that uses SABCD or what they stand for so I decided to create my own. Now my rankings are based on QB play, I'm talking about how good QBs actually are, not how they operate within their team. 

If they share the same letter they are equal but separate tiers. *Drew Brees Represents Taysom and Jameis Combined*

Tier A: 

Ultimate Gunslingers: These Guys are Proven, Baller-Shot Callers. 

Aaron Rodgers/ Patrick Mahomes

These are just the guys who are so good by themselves. They are the reason their team wins games and the only thing that holds them back is their team. It's hard to argue with but you can exchange these guys and put them on any other roster and they would automatically win more games for that team. 

Tier B: 

Proven Winners: But are they going to Win Anymore?

Tom Brady/Russel Wilson

Brady is still putting up numbers, Russel is still putting up numbers, they are really good at what they do but they do not have the same talent as Mahomes or Rodgers. They may have won more, done more but they were always on talented teams with good coaching. Yes, Tom is the "Goat" but we all saw the Saints in week 9 after almost losing to the Giants in week 8. Maybe he is just better with more film later in the season. 

Tier B: 

Unproven: Poised to win

Josh Allen/Matthew Stafford

These are unproven guys that I feel are about to go off this season and have teams around them to get something done. I would put these guys on par with Brady or Wilson because they are poised to have huge seasons. I think Stafford in LA is going to be ridiculous with the team and coaching around him, Josh Allen is in full gear to have a rocket season with a rocket arm that has been perfectly calibrated. These guys can put up numbers like Brady or Wilson this season. Yeah, these guys may be too high in my book but I will repost this at end of the season.

Tier C:

Make it or Break it: Win Now 


These are QBs that are at turning points in their career, they are either going to win or collapse down tiers. They are all in a similar spot. They have shown promise and success, it is now or never. Lamar has got to show he has learned to throw the ball this season and be a crazy threat. I always get mad when people are quick to judge passing in the early years of a player's career. Dak has gotta show he's worth the money. Baker has to walk the walk to talk the talk. Geoff is a friend of the program and has a great new head coach and scenery. 

Tier D:

Ugly Ducklings: Developmental Guys


They ain't pretty but primed for success. Most are from the same draft class but haven't had the breakout seasons needed record-wise to stick around. Injuries suck and a guy like Burrow could turn into the Swan I believe he is and I could see him at a tier B-C level. Hurts is poised to have a big season just needs a team around him. 

Tier E:

Rookies: Low Expectations 


All of them are in shitty situations, lets see who swims out of the muddy bottom of lake lanier. (Only better than F tier due to upside and being at the beginning of their careers)

Tier F:



These guys don't have to go above and beyond for their teams, Everyone just hopes they don't throw any picks. All are getting pretty close to hanging it up.   

Tier G:

I Know Drew Brees Is Retired but there weren't pictures of Jameis or Taysom 


Whatever is happening at the Saints organization. I put Jameis and Taysom on the same level. I think Sean Payton is going to tank for a high draft pick. Jameis's workout videos aren't helping.

Tier G:

It's Cool That These Guys Are Still Around:


Starters but I have low expectations. Darnold has a second chance in a new city, Wentz is in a new city. I wish them all well and hope they don't have to extend plays that resulted in turnovers like former seasons.

Tier H:

Break Glass In Case Of Emergency:

Griffin III/Newton/Dalton/Minshew/Trask

Backups who can salvage a season.

Tier I

Break Glass In Case Of RG3 Injury In Emergency:


Tier J:


Uncertain Futures