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IT'S OFFICIAL - Lebron James Is A Playable Fortnite Character

I would say this is the downfall of Fortnite, but the game has been dead for a while now to the casual gamer. Competitively, it still holds up! Nickmercs is streaming a Cash Cup right now and grinding Fortnite competitive.

We heard rumors circling last week that this potentially could be coming to fruition and here we are. Lebron James is finally a playable skin in Fortnite. How mad is Bronny Jr right now?

Robbie Fox. DAGGER.

Let's talk about Fortnite for a quick second - it was the greatest game in the world for a good year or so. It captivated the gaming world like nothing else, brought gaming to the mainstream and most importantly, it gave us cross-platform multiplayer. I will ALWAYS be thankful to Fortnite for allowing me to play with my friends that mistakenly bought the Xbox One (and now for my friends that won't move up to PC, but I digress...)

However, Fortnite had a pivotal moment where it all seemed to be the beginning of the end:

My quote tweet says it all - once creative mode and turbo building were introduced, the game went to shit for the casual gamer and became incredible for the competitive gamer (we are few and proud).

Giphy Images.

Overall, Fortnite is the GOAT when it comes to gaming. I don't know if this can be argued. At least the GOAT when talking about the transition from closet gamers to mainstream media. That may be a blog some day, but for now have fun copping (or not) Lebron James in the V-Bucks store.

I played Valorant tonight! Watch the VOD below!

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