An Absolutely Obliterated Nikita Kucherov Is The Best Nikita Kucherov

Nikita Kucherov and being so unbelievably in one during a Stanley Cup Parade. A match made in heaven. A duo for the ages. Things that go together better than almond butter and raspberry preserves. 

This fucking guy, man. He just gets it. Maybe it's because English isn't his first language so he's not necessarily worried about saying the wrong thing. Maybe it's because he simply does not give a heck and he's just ready to get fired up for the boys. But this is now back-to-back years where Nikita Kucherov has gotten the opportunity to have the party of a lifetime after achieving his life's dream of winning the Stanley Cup, and this stallion hasn't held back an ounce. 

The only thing that might go together better than Kucherov and being the drunkest dude at a Cup Parade is hockey players wearing backwards hats and just saying "unreal" approximately 5 times per second. Unreal performance outta buddy here, ferda. 

But sure, Kuch knows this is the last time this team gets to get after it together. Business is business, and the Lightning were unfortunately in the business of playing $18M over the cap thanks to Kucherov sitting out the entire regular season. So some guys will be moving on in the next few days and weeks here, and I just couldn't love how much Kucherov and the rest of these boys are taking advantage of this moment. Rain or shine, the beers will always be flowing in Tampa. 

Sure beats the shit out of the 75 people who would have been allowed to be in attendance for a Montreal parade.