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Warzone Professional Mutex Got Accused Of Hacking And Shoved It Up The Accuser's Ass

There's a lot to unfold in this video, so lemme try to break it down for you guys.

BadBoyBeam is known for accusing people of cheating on Warzone. This time, he went after well-known streamer and CoD Veteran Mutex because he saw a Cronus program on his computer files. He proceeds to make an entire YouTube video trying to expose Mutex and it all blew up back into his face.

Lemme start by explaining what a Cronus is - Cronus was originally used by professional players to change their controller connection from wireless bluetooth to a wired connection. At LAN events (in person events), bluetooth connection is extremely unstable and unreliable. Wired connection is always preferred for smooth gameplay. So many competitive esports players had Cronuses to plug into the PS4 during their LAN events (Professional Call of Duty used to be exclusively be played on PS4).

Cronuses nowadays get a bad reputation from Warzone because players will use a jailbroken version to make their guns have little to no recoil. It is absolutely cheating because it gives the player an extremely unfair advantage. You can think of Cronuses the same way people viewed jailbroken iPod Touches back in the late-2000s. Jailbroken iPod Touches would have a bunch've features and apps that weren't the initial intent of the iPod Touch. A cronus was originally meant to reduce input lag, but cowards have found ways to exploit its technology.

So Mutex gets called out for having this Cronus program on his computer, he responds by doing the following:

He puts 4 cameras on his setup monitoring his controller plug in (aka no cronus check), his controller, his monitor and his normal facecam. He proceeds to stream and drop his normal 30 bomb gameplay. Checkmate BadBoyBeaman.

Now it has lead to ZLaner, known YouTube streamer, to call out BadBoyBeaman.

ZLaner is willing to fly out BadBoyBeaman and his cameraman to watch ZLaner stream live. If he drops his normal gameplay (with include 20 and 30 kill Warzone games), BBB will have to delete his YouTube channel.

I wish BBB would accept this, but he is way too much of a coward to even consider it.

Hey Activision, about that anti-cheat….

We streamed Warzone today! Valorant will be tonight on my Twitch channel.