NBA Finals Diary #7: The World Knew The Suns Were Screwed When Scott Foster Was Announced As Referee

The concept of a “Watch Party” is a genius one. After attending the Game 3 Watch Party at the Phoenix Suns Arena last night after being at Games 1 and 2, I’m convinced the atmosphere was nearly identical, right down to the crowd counting the time on Giannis’ free throws 1800 plus miles away.

It’s not a surprise that the Watch Party sold out so fast. The tickets were $10. Arena parking was $5. Are you kidding me? Where else can a family of four get a playoff atmosphere, food and drinks, and watch the game with 10,000 others for under $100? The cheapest ticket in the door for Game One (that is if you’re not trying to actively get scammed) was around $750. So these families got a $3000+ experience for $100, which is incredibly cool.

The game itself was exactly what I thought it would be. A Scott Foster game. I said this before the game started:

And it was 100% true. For those who are living under a rock, Chris Paul is now 0-12 in the playoffs playing in games reffed by Scott Foster. Which seems… impossible? Your first thought is probably, nahhh. Not buying this conspiracy.

You know who IS buying into it? Chris Fucking Paul, that’s who.

And it’s not like getting screwed by Foster is a new thing for CP3, either. Last year after OKC got bounced in Game 7 by the Rockets by just two points, he went off on Foster in this post-game presser. 

If you recall, Foster tagged CP3 with a delay of game tech despite the fact the cleaning crew was mopping up the floor, and he was tying his shoes while watching a replay of a dubious foul called on him by… Scott Foster. 

The Suns lost for a bunch of reasons, one of which has to be the humidity in Milwaukee in Finserv Forum (Milwaukee is the most humid city in America in the late afternoon and evening)… opponents in that arena haven’t shot from deep over 30% all playoffs which also sounds pretty insane. But for sure Ayton getting 3 fouls in the last 3 minutes of the second quarter and Giannis having more free throws than the entire Suns team (again) definitely had something to do with it as well. If Ayton was in to get boards as opposed to our guy Frank the Tank? Might have been a different story once they cut it to 4. 

We’ll break down the game in detail on the upcoming episode of This League which we’re recording right now. 

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