Screw Play Of The Weekend, This Cricket Catch Might Be The Most Insanely Athletic Play Of The Year

So I still don't fully understand the rules of cricket. But it doesn't take rocket appliance to figure out the ins and outs of what's going on here. Cricket isn't like baseball where you get to use a massive glove to catch a ball and then have the luxury of being able to go over the boundary to make a catch and still have it count. In cricket, it's just you and your silky paws. And if you're going to make a snag, it better be inbounds or else you're shit out of luck. 

So when Harleen Deol of India made this catch right at the boundary, she knew it wouldn't mean a damn thing if she carried it out of bounds. Or maybe it would have still saved a few runs (again, I still don't really know the rules here), but you get the point. She had to do something crazy. She had to do something miraculous. She had to be an absolute freak athlete to make something happen here. 


Athleticism to make the catch? Check. Awareness and instinct to keep the ball alive inbounds? Check. Double athleticism to then make the catch again? Checkmate. 

Plus she got both feet in on the initial catch, so that's good enough in the NFL. So that's a certified catch in any single league of any single sport there ever was. College football, NFL, MLB, Cricket, you name it. The most clear cut, non-disputable catch we've ever seen. Dez could never.