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7 Of The Best Comedies Currently On Streaming

1. Ted - 86/100 - HBO MAX: There hasn't been a ton of uproariously funny comedies in the last decade, but Ted is definitly one of them. Great bits, very funny writing, and a concept just ridiculous enough to work out perfectly. 

2. Black Dynamite - 86/100 - HBO MAX: This throwback Blaxploitation movie still fucking kills me on rewatch. Specifically this part: 

Also "But Black Dynamite…. I sell drugs in the community!"

3. Dodgeball - 88/100 - PRIME VIDEO: Almost every joke in this movie still hits the same way it did all those years ago. 

4. Hot Rod - 92/100 - NETFLIX, PRIME VIDEO: For a long time, this movie was described by people as underrated. I don't think that is the case. Under-appreciated? Sure. But I don't think that is the case anymore either. It's turned into a move I just assume people have seen before. 

5. 40 Year Old Virgin - 91/100 - HBO MAX: Always worth a rewatch from those of you that haven't seen it in a while. 

6. Palm Springs - 92/100 - HULU: One of the better movies of last year and one of the funniest of the last few, you gotta see this movie. Milioti and Samberg are hilarious AND dramatic while J.K. Simmons adds a ton in a smaller role. 

7. Superbad - 99/100 - NETFLIX: For my money's worth, it is one of the best comedies of all time. A must-watch if ever there was one.