I Woke Up This Morning With The Happiest Hangover Of My Life

I could not be more hungover writing this at 9:38 am the day after my wedding, but here I am. The happiest hangover of my life. You can call it cliche, but last night was truly one of the best days of my life. I got to marry my best friend and husband (for the 2nd time), after a year long postponement due to The Big C. It's the day you dream about when you're a little girl, even though I was already legally married, I felt like I was on cloud nine. A celebration nearly 2 years in the making lived up to the hype and more. There was just something about being surrounded by our closest friends and family and just enjoying ourselves, not worrying about the outside world for an entire day. It was incredible. I don't have a massive extended family, but last night just confirmed how much Barstool IS my family. I've always known it, and I'm sure it sounds cheesy but there's a whole cast of characters here that I will forever call my family. 

You can chirp me all you want for the sappy blog, but I mean it. I love this place. I love this job. I love these people. Despite the crippling hangover I am currently experiencing, I couldn't be happier. I also have a smokeshow of a husband so that helps.