Momma Moose Backs Down Grizzly Bear

You gotta love seeing a little nature in action on a Monday.

In this video, we got a large Grizzly bear (not a cinnamon phase black bear this is a real grizzly) trying to sus out if it can snatch the baby moose for a little fast food. Mamma Moose wasn't having any of it. If you have ever seen a moose in person, they are terrifyingly large. They are an animal that you usually don't see in civilization so their surrounding never have any comparable size markers. This video really gives the comparison of a moose to a full-sized SUV.

The scariest thing about this video is that the Grizzly is also huge. This was any down on its luck bear this was a powerful strong hungry bear. So we got a Moose that is taller than an SUV moving swiftly at you at speeds an animal that big should not be moving. 

That is terrifying

Like a Grizzly bear is turning tail and running away. Grizzly bears are faster than racehorses, it is insane that a Moose can keep up and is scarier than any monster that chases you in your dreams. Imagine running away from a moose? I think I would just try to stay behind trees if one charge at me? Hopefully, if I ever get charged by a moose I have the wherewithal to just do a little sidestep behind a tree? 

*I know the thumbnail is a Elk