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Snoop Dogg Impersonator Catfishes Guy's Mom

Twitter always is going to have something to go on about. We had the cinnamon crunch shrimp debacle, now we have a Snoop Dogg impersonator catfishing people.

This guy is a well-known Snoop Dogg impersonator, and many people are getting mad at him for saying he's Snoop Dogg. But in his defense, I think this guy wasn't doing anything wrong. Here is a picture of him with Snoop Dogg.

He probably finds it easier just to tell people he's Snoop Dogg rather than to explain to them, No I am not Snoop Dogg. Its kinda a burden to look that much like a famous person. Like you get all the negatives of fame and non of like the money, security or privacy in a mansion. Here's a video of that guy getting harassed for being Snoop Dogg. 

I don't know what it's like to be an impersonator but it's kinda cool people get to the point of their life where they realize their maximum earning potential is to pretend to be another person. A dude one day just goes fuck it everyone says I look like this guy might as well start profiting from it. 

For most people who meet the impersonator, they probably think it is Snoop and live in ignorant bliss. But this mother is going to be rocked by Twitter.