The Number 5 Pick In The MLB Draft Didn't Recognize A Number Calling Him Last Night So He Didn't Answer It. Spoiler Alert - It Was The Orioles Trying To Draft Him.

Colton Cowser, come on down! The Orioles selected the lefty outfielder from Sam Houston State last night with the 5th overall selection in the draft but before they made the pick official they actually had to get him on the line. Colton was told by his agent not to answer any calls from numbers he didn't know. We all know what happens on draft days, people somehow get these guys numbers and there is always a prank call put in, we see it every year. Cowser wasn't going to be pranked on the biggest day of his life. That's why when Mike Elias, GM for the Orioles called Cowser he let it ring and ring. He didn't have Elias' number so he had no reason to pick up the call from what I'm guessing was a 410 phone number. Just gonna let it ring and go to voicemail. Once he realized who was calling him and the reason for the call he quickly called Elias back.

Things turned out for the better with Cowser as he did get Elias on the phone and found out the Orioles were taking him with the 5th pick. It was a WILD first round of the draft with surprises right off the bat with the Pirates pick, but it seems like the Orioles got a good one at 5. Cowser is seen as one of the best pure hitters in the country and his numbers showed it this season. A .374 average, 76 hits, 10 doubles, 16 home runs, 52 RBIs, slugged .680, 42 walks to 32 Ks, and an OBP of .490. MLB had him ranked as the #10 prospect in the draft, FanGraphs had him at #6 overall. He's a talented college bat who should be able to contribute soon. It was surprising when he was taken with Kumar Rocker and Kahlil Watson still on the board but both of them fell wayyyy further than anyone could have seen. The Orioles will sign him to an under slot deal and use that saved money on more talent in the following rounds. MLB Drafts are impossible to grade hours after the picks are made but I'm in favor of this one. We just have to teach Cowser to answer the phone when your GM is calling you to let you know you've been drafted. 

And before you make a joke about Cowser not wanting to answer because it's the Orioles and they're a bad team….I'm asking you NOT to make that joke. That is me asking nicely, please respect my demands. Don't use that joke.